headshot25 years of professional and personal experiences in a wide range of fields.

High-tech to heavy manufacturing to alternative energy.

An expert at simplification, focus, team building and delivering solutions to difficult problems on tight schedules.


I love to work with people who want to win and be better now.

There is not much that makes me prouder than meeting with a client months or years after we have worked together and reliving our great success.

Experience big company approach with start-up sensibility

  • An executive, manager, and engineer at companies large and small, from giants HP and Westinghouse, to small start-up companies.
  • Managed and directed product development, operations, customer service, and supply chain management.
  • Worked in almost every field imaginable, including: Alternative energy, wireless communication, factory automation, heavy manufacturing, medical, personal computers, internet marketing, real estate and integrated circuit development.

Training and education

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (cum laude) from  Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
  • M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University.
  • 3 decades of study and training in loads of personal, team, and business effectiveness techniques.
  • A quick study, and 0ne-of-a-kind mindset – the right choice to take a cluttered landscape or unfocused group and give a clear view of your best possible future.

Creativity based on a different view

  • The diverse experience to quickly enter a business and discover the core issues that need attention.
  • Great tools for prioritization and decision making that alleviate the “what if” thoughts and the feelings of overload that come with working in today’s marketplace.
  • Boiled down hundreds of books and thousands of hours of audio programs into digestible bites that his clients use to succeed.
  • Several U.S. Patents for product and process innovation, including patent numbers 5320298, 5821921, 5586715.
  • Experience as a professional musician, public speaker and internet personality.