Having difficulty delivering or focusing in your business?

Frustrated your progress or success?

Looking to expand your lead in your industry?


I offer several solutions to to assist you in managing your business as a…

  1. Leader or key contributor on your most difficult technical problems.
  2. Trusted and experienced temporary executive, while you find the right person.
  3. Turnaround consultant for problem organizations, or critical projects (generally 3-12 months)
  4. Short-term adviser to help you and your team clarify a cluttered landscape. Often done on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  5. Expert tactical planner for business leaders starting or redirecting ventures.
  6. Technical reviewer  Рreview designs, development, and business plans to identify potential traps and blind spots. Before you invest, get a second opinion on the landscape from someone who has been there.

My unique background in business as an engineer, executive, and business owner, combined with his coaching and consulting experience allows me to assist you regardless of your business or situation. As an expert at operations and strengthening your entire organization, I have worked with individuals and businesses in dozens of industries, including high-tech, heavy manufacturing, consumer products, alternative energy, internet marketing, entertainment, real estate development and customer service.