Management consulting sweet spots

Improving manufacturing output and product quality.

  • Manufacturing facility assessment and delivery of a high-value improvement path
  • Root cause failure analysis and quality/throughput solution implementation
  • New product introduction process implementation and streamlining

In 2-4 weeks we can analyze your situation, put an improvement plan in place and have your team execute it.

Leading the difficult transition from engineering development to predictable manufacturing delivery.

I am best with small manufacturing teams (less than 500 people).

  • Quick assessment of position and opportunities
  • Productive relationship building (or rebuilding)
  • Transitional leadership
  • Management bench depth development

Businesses often have difficulty “Crossing the Chasm” from invention to manufacturing stability. This is about changing mindsets and focus while maintaining relationships between organizations as they grow and change.

Once the operation is stabilized I can also help you hire and train my replacement.

Call me at 408-261-1820 or drop a note.