Say No & Feel Great

Are you a people pleaser? Do people take advantage of your generous nature?

Do you sign up for more than you can possibly get done and then feel overloaded or get upset?

Or maybe you say “no”, but the other person hears “yes” or “maybe”… or they pressure you until your no turns into a yes.

If saying “NO” has a bad connotation in your mind, it’s time for that to change. Learning to say no is THE single most important skill to learn if you want more time for you, your family, your hobbies and your life.

This 2-CD audio program to help you find more time to do what you really love.

Most clients save at least 5 hours per week by using the simple tools outlined in this program. Also, in the interest of saving your time, you can listen to the material in your car, as you travel, or as you do your household chores. There is nothing to do except learn the techniques for communicating clearly with others and then begin to practice.

You will learn how to say no in a way that makes you feel good AND allows the other person to feel good as well.

You will also learn that saying no to things that don’t serve you is saying “YES” to your life.

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You’re Missing Out… & it’s OK

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The Art & Science of A Great Life – A guided 2-Month Coaching Program

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One Minute Relaxation

Ned designed these recordings to help him make smooth transitions in and out of difficult and stressful situations. The package contains three relaxation recordings, plus instructions. If you use it regularly before you walk into your house after work, you and your family will see an amazing difference in how you interact. $9.95 or you can get it for free by signing up for Ned’s newsletter in the upper right of this page.

Music Downloads:

Hoosier Daddys – Into Something

Funky blues-rock. A mixture of standard cover tunes and rocking originals.

A great band, with Michael Jai on drums, Ben Hunter on guitar and Rick Hutchinson on bass – Ned sings most of the songs and plays harmonica.

The Hoosier Daddys were a fixture on their local scene for more than 10 years until Ben moved to Austin. Recorded in the 90’s, this CD still holds up. $9.95

12 songs

Attack band – Alt Live

American folk rock. The CD has also been categorized as “Alt Country”

Recorded live and mixed by a Grammy nominated engineer, it brings across the power of three musicians performing at their peak. Ned sings and plays harmonica, bass, and guitar. Jeff Nassi keeps the beat on the drums and Jon Nohai rocks on the guitar. $9.95

14 original songs

Upcoming releases:

Ned’s group coaching program

A affordable, simple, and high-impact 2 month coaching program with Ned.

Weekly phone calls plus daily e-mail support at an unbeatable price.

There are no sessions scheduled right now, but you can get the same material for a great price by purchasing the “The Art and Science of a Great Life” audio program, which is listed above. It was developed based upon Ned’s live 2-month coaching program and offers you email support throughout the 2 month program. If you’d like to work directly with Ned, please e-mail him at

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Many coaches have built built great coaching programs, but in most cases you either work with their assistants or trainees, or are pretty much on your own.

Ned’s program is different. Ned does the coaching and he will personally answer all of your questions to make your experience transformative.

Here’s what one recent course graduate had to say about it.

“Ned’s methods work! His life direction tools make starting new project, even big ones, easy. You learn how to rein in out-of-control doing and turn your rested positive attention to the really meaningful and important people and parts of your life. Ned provides excellent, bite-sized personal coaching, an open forum to ask questions, and lots of encouragement to honor yourself, your dreams and what is. In only a few weeks you will recognize increased efficiency, more free time, and a confidence around navigating day to day life through uncharted water, towards your paradise… It works and is worth it!”

~ Dr. Jennifer Adams refund policy

Coaching products – 30-Day refund if you try it and are not fully satisfied.