Start -Up Adviser Sweet Spots

This is where I can help you get better and plan for a successful and satisfying future. If you are starting a business, you are an optimist. That’s why you need a trusted adviser to help you keep your plans aggressive, but possible – and to develop the skills to lead a growing enterprise.

I reserve about 20% of my time to work with small firms for an equity share. If you have a compelling business case, I’m happy to join your team. If I don’t see future value I’ll give you my opinion and it won’t cost you a dime.

Small and budding companies.

  • Minimum Viable Product definition
  • Business plan, direction and investor readiness review

Simplifying your early prototypes can save 10’s of thousands of dollars and months of frustration. I can help you simplify and define your minimum viable product. As inventors, we sometimes lose sight of simple solutions. I can help you find them.

Early stage start-ups – have raised a little money and want to make it happen.

When you are ready to take the next big step toward a viable product, it’s easy to lose focus. I will support you as you focus on the winning product and deliver. Services I offer.

  • Product development planning and execution
  • Risk assessment, analysis and mitigation
  • Manufacturing readiness reviews and solutions

Later stage start-ups: You have made a lot of progress, but have hit a plateau.

Making the transition from innovation and invention orientation to a lower-risk, profitable manufacturing orientation can be difficult. But if you can’t ship anything or what you ship isn’t right, you can’t meet your numbers and the dream will die. I can support you as you ride these rough waters with consulting and leadership coaching.

  • Transition from an engineering company to a manufacturing company
  • Building productive relationships between sales, engineering and operations
  • Identifying and solving the bottlenecks on the path to profitability

My experience.

I’ve run engineering and operations in new start-ups and helped companies during their difficult transitions from the engineering phase to the production phase. In many cases, initial plans are flawed and founder skills are not well developed, so when growth comes, founders must step aside (which normally sucks for pretty much everyone and costs the company precious time, money and energy). I can help you be more productive now AND prepare for growth and transformation.