Technical Consulting Sweet Spots

Manufacturing equipment and process development

  • Custom equipment definition, design, manufacture and installation
  • Simple, effective factory automation
  • Factory flow and process improvement
  • New process development and innovation
  • Quality and throughput breakthroughs
  • Mentoring of junior engineers

I have worked in a large number of industries on processes including machining, welding/fabrication, soldering, wire bonding, adhesive dispensing, chemical processing, wafer fabrication, and consumer product assembly and testing.

Project definition and planning

  • Scheduling and cost estimation
  • Recovery planning and risk management

I am exceptional at estimating projects and putting together an aggressive, but achievable plan. This includes identifying the critical stumbling blocks and risks that need to be monitored and plans for managing them.

Fixture and tool design

I have designed tools as smaller than a cell phone and as large as a semi trailer. I can work with your team or deliver solutions using my own team.

Mechanical design innovation

  • Product development and design reviews
  • Patent workarounds and patent claim expansion

If you have a difficult engineering problem and need an outside view to break you out of the box, give me a call. I hold several US patents and have helped improve dozens of products in a variety of industries.

Call me at 408-261-1820 or drop a note.