Move Massively Forward

Fast-paced, non-traditional approach to immediately and drastically improve your performance by identifying and removing your leadership and performance blockers.

Typical Outcomes

  • Improved balance with a focus on strategy and clarity, rather than command and control. Ned’s average client eliminates 10-15 hours PER WEEK of low or negative value work from their calendar within the first 3 months.

  • Improved communication and collaboration with their manager and better perception from above.

  • Massively increased organizational impact through strategic action focused on leading rather than doing, including improved employee performance, satisfaction and retention.

How You Get There

During each session, we will work together to identify the single, immediately actionable next step you can take to make massive progress toward your goal. When making a transition from a doer to a leader or recovering from overload, you will quickly find time and psychological space for strategic thinking and action.

After freeing up time and energy we work to improve your confidence, performance and communication at all levels.

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Silicon Valley with ~80% of clients being coached via phone or video conference.

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