If you’re having trouble with part 4, here’s part 5 – a recommendation that will help you get started.

You may be thinking – I don’t have any clients yet – how can I get testimonials?

Ask your friends – there is a very good chance that you have already been doing some variant of your dream business with your friends and family. Ask them questions that will help them explain what you do for them.

I’ll give an example – if you want to be a coach, then ask these questions of people who you counsel and who appreciate the advice you offer.

First ask – what is it about me that makes you ask me for advice?
They may say, “You’re easy to talk to, have good ideas, and want the best for me.”

Then ask “How does that help you?”
They may say, “I feel comfortable talking to you, so can work out things as I talk.”

Then ask, “Why do you take my advice?”
They may say something like, “I appreciate your advice, even if I don’t follow it all the time. You are thoughtful and I can tell that you listened to my concern or issue and often offer a great solution.”

Then ask, “When we are done chatting about your issue, how do you feel?”
They may say something like, “I feel calmer, as I have more available solutions and can see new possibilities.” Or they may say, “I feel motivated to take the next step.” or anything else.

This is your gold for starting your business – What do you do? Why do they “buy”? How do they feel?

Good luck and have a great day!