I’m back after a whirlwind. It’s really been 3 months since I’ve written here.
Sorry if I left you in the lurch.

Don’t be scurred! is a line from a movie somewhere that our kids used to use, especially when we were out camping.

You’ll notice that my blog is usually me talking to myself.
My future has been freed up and I’m off on a new path.

If you feel you have a knack or a talent for something, give it a try.
Just get started and get moving.

Don’t be scurred! and even if you are, stick your toe in the water.
It’s almost never boiling…

I’ve fallen off the blogging and internet connection wagon and now I’m back on.
I guess if I hired someone to do it, it would probably have been going the whole time, but there you go.

Anyway – If you’re reading I hope you’re business and life are great and in balance.

Have a great life and Don’t be scurred!