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I read an interesting article at the Business Insider War Room called “Why Successful People Leave Work Early”.  It studies violin players and correlates focus to excellence. Without having extra data, I’ll expand this into why I think this works in life and business as well.

In our personal relationships… Focus is probably more appreciated than anything else. If we are with the ones we love, we want them to focus on us. Not on their phone, the TV, or anything else. If you have kids (or have ever watched them) – they will DEMAND your focus, behaving in more and more outrageous ways, until you give them all of your attention. If we dedicate time daily to focus and spend with our mate, our family members, or our closest friends we are handsomely rewarded.  When we don’t focus and text and e-mail our way through life, it’s not so rich.

In our businesses – consider that checking e-mail is not working. It is like dusting your desk. Not inherently productive. Busy executives often have gatekeepers to manage their email and phone interactions. And it’s not because they are lazy – it’s because it helps them put more time and energy on the business and building the important relationships in business.

Schedule a little time each day to focus on you and what matters most to YOU. And then drop me a note to let me know how it works.

Here’s the link to the article – enjoy!


Thanks so much for your time and attention.


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