Are you reluctant to apply discipline in your life?

Do you feel that processes and structure will snuff out your creativity?

Spend one minute with me and your mind may change.

Discipline and process don’t need to be scary or difficult. Discipline is nothing more than putting a structure or process around what you want to do or be. It is a routine that you can repeat with support that you can count on.

When you do a process or follow a structure, it is still your choice. If you don’t want to do something, then don’t do it. But, if you want do do something and can’t, consider using a process and some discipline. If you are resistant to or “against” structure or discipline, your attempts to be amazingly successful may be falling short. Let me explain how

Discipline and process can be your friends, rather that your adversaries.

Let’s say you want to get into better physical condition or lose weight. You have the diet plan. You have the exercise plan. We all know the solution – eat less and move move. So what’s the problem? Why don’t we meet our own goals?

The Secret and the Law of Attraction have been very helpful in helping you “think thin” and clear blocks in getting to a body that you love. But still, the behaviors don’t follow, so the body doesn’t comply with your new thinking.

The missing link is discipline or process. Here’s how processes can work to support you. Once you start following a plan that gets you doing what you want to do, your positive thinking keeps the momentum going.

I’ll use my exercise as an example. I have a process that gets me to the gym 3 days a week for aerobics and weight lifting and 2 days a week for yoga. The process that I use involves my wife Deborah. Close to 10 years ago Deborah became fitness instructor. When I stopped working a regular job I started going to her aerobics class occasionally. As time passed, we started going to class three mornings each week. We have now been doing this for more than 5 years.

Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to start walking on most days. I started out with 15 minutes and let Deborah know that I wanted to add walking to my schedule. Now I walk or run at least 4 days per week when I am home. We also have added yoga two times per week to our routine in the last year. It’s a joy for us to do this together.

Without process, it is easy and almost inevitable that we fall back into our old patterns. With process, we can break free of the invisible shackles of our patterns.

That’s discipline. That’s process. It doesn’t snuff out your creativity, it allows more space for creativity. It can even be enjoyable. Think of that – you can enjoy process and discipline AND do what you want to do.

Decide, get regular support, and build a process and routine around the things that you feel are important.

And let me know how it works for you.