I’ve had a lot of clients ask me if I would coach them on becoming a personal coach or life coach, so I’ll be doing a little series on things to consider as you prepare to go out into the world with a new business. I’ll start with a basic question.

Do you need to make money NOW?

Here’s the good news. If you need to make money now, I don’t have anything to sell you. Just read on and you’ll get my opinion on the best way to start on your “dream” business.

Lots of us have dreams on how we can make it in the world (or maybe even make it BIG in the world). Dreams are great, affirmations are great, visualizing is great. However, if the wolves are at your door or out in the front yard sharpening their claws, it’s tough to stay focused on the dream part of the business.

If you really need money NOW, here’s what I’d recommend to you. 3 steps – none of them involve spending any money or learning anything new.

1. Make a list of what you are good at and what people have paid you to do in the past.

2. Separate this list into three categories
(A) I’m excited to do this, (B) I’m happy to do this, (C) I’m willing to do this

2. Send this list of skill areas to five people who are close to you and ask the following question. “Hi friend, I’m really in a spot and need to make some money NOW. Here’s what I think that I’m good at and I enjoy doing (list areas A and B). I’m willing to do anything on those lists (and probably lots of other stuff) for $XX per hour or $YY per day. If you think there’s something that I could do for you or someone you know, please let me know. If I’ve left anything off of the list that you think I am good at, please let me know so that I can add it. I would really appreciate any help that you offer. Thanks so much for your help!

3. Follow up with these 5 people and ask for feedback.

4. Repeat with another 5 or 10 people until you have more work than you can do.

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Thanks for reading – check back for the next installment.