This is the only question that matters for you when explaining what you deliver in your business. Part 4 of this series. I never really considered this question for YEARS. It was a great revelation for me when I heard it and it stuck. As an engineer and executive, I am very comfortable about telling you how I work and what I know. I know that I’ve heard hundreds of quotes on the subject, but for me it happened on a flight to Austin a couple of years ago to go and speak at Mark Ryan and Joe Vitale’s Attract Wealth Seminar. I was reading Joe’s book “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute” which is about P.T. Barnum and his sales approach. The line that got me – “The only reason that people do anything is for the feelings that they hope to get.” I had been selling benefits and features and still often do.

I’m still learning and maybe you’ll learn better and faster than me.

Here’s what I say that I offer:

Proven, tested processes that help you save time and energy to spend on the most important areas of your life.
An extra 20 hours per week to use as you would like.

But how does that make you feel as a customer?

This is where the testimonials come in.

I would never have thought of the lines that came from testimonials from clients. Think about it – when you give a testimonial for something that really moved you, do you talk about the process or the feelings.

Here’s what I heard – it made me happy to hear it AND it helped me more clearly communicate it.

“Ned says he sells tried and true methods for handsome sums and hopes for friendly faces worldwide, but I think he brings his clients love and forgiveness so that they can hear their dreams and ideas and manifest abundant lives.”

“This class has allowed me to stop and really think about what is truly important to me and to be able to make all of my decisions base on those things. It taught me to be realistic and gentle with myself. It taught me to change my outlook and perception of “being perfect and being everywhere for everyone”. It taught me to put my foot on my brakes and to be able to just sit back and enjoy my ride. It taught me to find success in the little steps and to smile and be happy with the outcomes (good or not so good).”

I never would have said it that way – I’m way to close to my material to give a review of how it will make you feel.

That’s one of the great things about working with people, even if you aren’t perfect. You’ll learn when you ask for testimonials and input. You’ll hear the good AND the bad. The good helps with marketing material, the bad helps with personal development and product improvement. If you keep studying, you’ll NEVER get this information. Take a chance – do what you do with real people and get the real results. You may be surprised to find that what you think that you offer is nothing like what they receive.

You’ll notice my new sales page for my coaching program is almost all based upon testimonials. Even the sentences that aren’t quoted came from my clients. Thanks to all of you who took the time to help me (you know who you are).

So – think about how people will FEEL after they have been with you – because that’s all that really matters to any of us.

And start working with people sooner rather than later (yep, that’s the next post).

Good luck!